Planmeca PM 2002 EC Proline Panoramic Dental X-Ray Unit

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This system was just serviced and inspected by a professional technician.

This panoramic x-ray came out of a local dental office and is from a working environment and has been professionaly maintained and serviced on a regular basis.   This system was just serviced and inspected by a professional technician.


The Planmeca PM 2002 CC is a software-controlled, stepper-motor operated dental panoramic x-ray machine. It consists of an x-ray tubehead and a cassette assembly mounted on a support column. Although the unit is designed for imaging patients who are standing, it easily accepts patients seated in wheelchairs. The unit uses three light beams, a chin rest, a bite guide, and a head guide to position and stabilize the patient. Unlike most other stand-up panoramic units, in which the patient faces a mirror, patients enter the PM 2002 CC from the side, facing the technician. This allows the technician to directly observe the patient, which facilitates correct positioning and contributes to distortion-free images.

The focal trough is adjustable both for arch size (small, medium, large) and arch shape (narrow, tapered, square). All imaging parameters are easily adjusted using a touchpad mounted on the support column. In TMJ mode, four TMJ exposures can be made on each panoramic film. The small focal spot (0.5 mm by 0.5 mm) produces images with excellent resolution. The unit uses a rigid film cassette and features a unique Autoprint Film Marking System as an available option.

The Autoprint keyboard allows the user to enter patient and film exposure information that is imprinted directly and permanently onto the upper edge of panoramic and TMJ films as they are exposed. Another option, the Admark System, allows this information to be added onto cephalometric films in the darkroom. The PM 2002 CC is available in either 110/220 volt, 50/60 cycle alternating current. It requires a ceiling height of 86.5 inches and floorspace measuring 60 inches wide (64 inches with Autoprint option) by 37.5 inches deep

Item Features:
- Planmeca PM 2002 EC
- Panoramic X-Ray Unit
- Serial: CGJ401426
- 117V  /  50/60Hz  /  1500VA  /  80kV max
- Manufactured: 1995
- Very clean, free from damage
- Powered on with standard plug
- Includes owner's/instruction manual